A short introduction of an independent creative & innovative design studio.

Innology Solution” is a start up company with a team of 11 members. We are diverse and we are different from each other and we take it positively. We learn from each other and empower creativity by finding the strength, unity and joy in this diversity. We work as team to achieve the common objective and common goal.

Our Values
We strongly believe that the business only exist if their customers are satisfied. Customer requirements and customer needs are our first priority. We feel proud to solve the customer problems with our best solution. We just want to provide multiple solution for any problem for customer so that they can choose the best solution for their business.

We love the challenging problems our customers bring us, we share their highest aspirations for success, and we’re inspired to help them make the most of every opportunity. We take pride in giving every project our absolute best and consistently attaining fantastic results that serve both customers and end users.

We take our work seriously, but our relationships are good-natured and easy. Smiles and laughter are the secret ingredients that make our collaborative problem-solving so effective.

Our Expertise & this is what we love to do.

Development Process:
We have designed a process that ensures that the project is delivered on time with optimum quality at a reasonable budget. With more than 6 years of experience of development, we have derived a well-defined collaborative process utilizing workshops, prototyping, storyboarding, design, development and optimization.

Requirement Analysis – The process starts with the meetings and calls with the stakeholders. During the process we agree on all key elements of the project, including framework, navigation, content, functionality, target audience, desired outcomes etc. Based on this, system architect will prepare a detailed project proposal.

On approval, we will start our internal process to discuss the project in detail. We will be analyzing all the technical issues and risk factor on the project. In this stage, we will present our strategy and implementation plan which will address all your unique business requirement.
The wireframe is developed to transcribe all business requirements into a technically visual document. Architectural diagram will also be prepared so that it will explains all the project flow. In this phase, we will determine all the elements of a particular screen, the navigation between screens to understand the flow of the application.

We are a full service digital company



At this stage, we will have an approved sketch or wireframes in which UI experts make it sparkle: define the colour palettes, choosing the fonts, creating the layout and literally building up the style guide for the project.



We are now done with all technical analysis, architectural diagram and designs. Now we can set up for development environment. Till now we will have a complete project scope and deadline for the project, must focus on Agile Development.

Yes, we build websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Not only will we take you from point A to B, but provide you with creative feedback throughout the project to effectively grow your idea & identity.

Our skills are focused on providing visually stunning design and crafted development. In addition to creating something for you, we will provide you with a system that’s easy for you to update down the road. Here are our main areas of expertise.


  • Responsive
  • Web/Mobile/App
  • UI/UX Design
  • Print & Layout


  • CakePHP
  • Codeigniter
  • Laravel
  • OpenCart
  • Android
  • iOS
  • WordPress
  • eCommerce


  • Typography
  • Concepts & Wireframes
  • Illustration
  • Branding

Innology’s highly experienced team has pioneered transformative developments and executed solutions in Web Development.

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